Life Force TOTAL COVER 750ml Garden Supplement

Life Force TOTAL COVER 750ml Garden Supplement

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Available in a convenient Ready to Spray formulation, this speciality liquid foliar fertiliser covers all bases. Almost all of the major minerals and trace elements are included in this formulation, along with state-of-the-art organic technology, which maximises mineral uptake qhile simultaneously feeding soil life. Seven natural growth promotants are included in this beland, which can be used effectively throughout the complete plant cycle.

For healthy, vigorous growth with improved root structure. Broad-spectrum balanced minerals address the plants' nutrition needs.

Simply spray foliage until just prior to the point of run-off.
Suitable for all vegies, fruits, ornamentals, indoor plants and lawns.

NB: Avoid foliar spraying directly onto fruit tree flowers as may have the potential to deter pollinating insects.