Covid-19 Prevention at Fresh Local Provisions



We are ever-mindful that we are handling your food. To protect you and your family, we'd like to share the precautions we're taking, like all other businesses, to prevent transmission of Covid-19, and by extension, all bacterial and viral infections that can be transmitted via surface and human contact.

We pride ourselves on our circular use of cardboard, plastics, cotton bags and coolite packaging. We have increased the number of coolite boxes we hold, allowing 2-3 day rest period between reuse allowing any viral residues to break down. We've increased the frequency of laundering cloth bags, washing boxes and disinfecting warehouse surfaces so that transmission from household to household is impossible.

And naturally, we ask staff to stay home if they're at all unwell, and keep our hand washing station properly stocked with liquid soap. We carry hand sanitizer (with gloves available when necessary) in all our business vehicles.

It is a relief that the intensity of the initial contamination period is over, but we intend to remain vigilant and adopt these practices indefinitely as our industry best practice. We know you're safe from coronavirus, and you won't catch a cold or flu from us either.

Eat well, stay well!

Jodie and the Fresh Local team