Free delivery for orders over 100 dollars

From time to time we receive an enquiry from an astute customer who notices that the paper invoice included with their shopping order is a little different to the one they received by email.  So here's an explanation for the weirdness:

You will notice that your confirmation email contains an invoice showing a transparent 'minus $8' in the final line but that's not actually how the book
keeping software calculates the $8 discount.

The back end (Xero) doesn't have capacity to apply the same rule so the $8 discount takes the form of a discount applied equally across every line item
to the total of $8. We can't do it any other way and it has so far been the only disadvantage with the software that we use. There is nothing we can do
about the calculation discrepancy but you will find that the end price is always the same across both invoices.

We hope this explains the (apparently) random discount on your hardcopy invoice - and the lack of a dedicated line item for free shipping/delivery.

We are only too happy to withhold this additional sheet of paper if you prefer.  Enjoy your fresh local produce, meat and grocery!


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