DEPOSIT Saltbush Merino Lamb Side Av 5-6kg

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This $100 deposit secures your side of genuine saltbush merino lamb from the Donovan family farm, Murray River Valley, NSW - delivered FRESH and free of charge.
A balance for the remainder is due upon delivery ($65 - give or take - dependent on net weight).
Please arrange for someone to be home to receive your lamb or leave a message at checkout with alternate delivery instructions.
As it will be cryovac packaged in cardboard box, we regret we cannot leave your delivery unattended should no one be home.

Wending its way through the NSW/Victoria border, the Murray River Valley region is well known for the world's highest quality Oldman Saltbush grazed lamb. Ryan Donovan's third generation family farm provides no exception. Full blood Merinos graze intensely on Old Man Saltbush (Atriplex Nummularia - a natural Australian native rich in Vitamin E) along with other native grass and flora. The result is an exceptional product with that deep, salty, smoky rosemary-like tones combined with supreme tenderness and exceptional cooking quality. Saltbush lamb is proven to deliver higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, Beta-carotene and Vitamin A, all due to the depth of the Saltbush roots. The Donovan's flocks are 100% naturally grazed with no lot feeding, and no saltbush pellets.

Flocks are free from antibiotics, hormones and growth promotants; are fully pastured and finished in a stress free environment. The Donovans family's commitment to a sustainability progress plan with the Murray CMA.

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