Everything you wanted to know about our Aussie Saltbush Lamb group buy!

Old Man Saltbush is a native shrub considered a 'backbone' or 'pioneer' species that improves soil and shade conditions and makes way for other vegetations to establish and flourish in drought and salinity conditions.  It is fast growing and sequesters carbon in a deep root system that has the capacity to draw nutrient minerals from many metres below the soil surface.  It's hardiness and protein-rich qualities make it an ideal and sustainable animal fodder in marginal areas.

For three generations the Donovan family have been farming lamb in Murray Valley country.  Their farming practices are improving the local landscape and creating a better farming future in the region.  Their flocks are 100% naturally pastured and free range with no feed lots.

And now we can bring them to you.

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Berry Breakfast Smoothie

I never get tired of this up-and-go breakfast smoothie.  It fills me up but is easily digested, giving me energy to go all morning.  Tip: keep some oats soaking in a jar in your fridge to make this an instant meal.

1 ripe banana, 2 cups coconut water (or coconut milk/cream+water), 1/3 cup frozen blueberries (or several cubes of prepared frozen fruit), two tablespoons of pre-soaked oats (you could substitute quinoa flakes, rolled rice or other gluten-free cereal).

Puree in your blender until smooth and enjoy within 10 minutes.  The blueberries** will lose their brilliant colour over time.


**Brush your teeth after - those little blue pips are the only downside to this delicious smoothie.  :-)


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New Category - Quick Pick

Due to the popularity of our Quick Pick seasonal produce boxes we have organised to give them their own tab on the menu at the top of the page - which should make all our mobile shoppers very happy indeed!

We recently introduced two new boxes to our range - the MINI fruit and veg box for $33 is one third smaller than our best seller - ideal for small families or those who don't cook every night of the week.

Also, we now give you one click access to all the local and organic components for making your own healthy bone and vegetable broths at home - also $33.

By far our most common standing orders are for boxes as it's the easiest way to keep up with the changing seasons for those who are flexible about what they eat, or inspired by variety.

Of course we are always happy to cater for families who need more structure and we're happy to talk to you about automating weekly, fortnightly or monthly orders for staples your family always needs on hand such as eggs, milk, lunchbox fruit and proteins that are quick to prepare.  As a mother of four, Jodie understands what it takes to keep a busy family functioning without all the stress. Give her a call on 0409 165 000 to discuss your unique requirements.

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