Save time, reduce packaging, eat local and savour the flavour

Fresh Local Provisions is dedicated to sourcing locally grown, owned and manufactured foods for the local market.

We are also dedicated to promoting home growing, sprouting and baking and DIY in the name of food sovereignty.

Fresh Local Provisions will buy your quality, home grown produce.  

About Jodie

I grew up in dairy country, Gympie, and my first job was picking beans.  I was 15 and I hated it!  Other crops that sustained Gympie's economy (aside from dairy) were things like paw paw, pineapples, rosella, beans, beans and more beans.  Growing up we ate very simply - we were a meat and veg kind of family - but travel ignited a love of food in my 20s and by the time my husband and children came along in the early 2000s I had been involved in a variety of Brisbane community groups and food co-ops and loved every minute.  My husband and I always aspired to find a patch of land in Samford where we could live more sustainably and perhaps attempt to grow some food. Though we do keep a few cattle and maintain a small garden it turns out that growing clean healthy food isn't as simple as it looks!  The Brisbane floods in 2011 and the resultant food shortages were the catalyst for a business designed to educate consumers and promote our most local food producers.

Fresh Local Provisions was envisioned to fill a niche for shoppers wishing to reduce their carbon footprint, improve their health and wellbeing and vote with their shopper dollar because we all must eat. And yes, our food choices reflect our political and environmental choices.  

Why Shop Local and Independent?

Because your money stays where you are and contributes to your local economy, supporting local infrastructure and services.  Not only that, food is fresher and in season and artisan producers rarely have a broad distribution for their products. Isn't that the joy of it? Knowing that your purchase sustains a small business and brings joy to your family table?



Grocery Club operates Tues-Fri

Our account details for direct deposit payments: 

Account Name: Fresh Local Provisions Pty Ltd
Account Number: 146 799 234
BSB: 633-000
Branch: Samford Bendigo Bank

We receive our mail at PO Box 949, Samford, 4520.

Phone: 0409 165 000