Week Thirteen

Hello Locals!

This week is salmon club - which makes Friday a very big delivery day. Please ensure salmon deposits are in by Wednesday 7am so we can guarantee you receive your fresh Tassal salmon.

If you're new to salmon club this blog should answer all your questions. And if you're still not sure, please do just pick up the phone. Jodie is happy to answer your questions: 0409165000

Saltbush Lamb Shanks

Cool weather approaches and we now stock sustainable organic saltbush lamb from Ryan Donovan farmer Murray River, NSW. Saltbush lamb comes from the Murray-Darling plains where saltbush is the dominant vegetation. Genuine saltbush lamb is not raised on saltbush pellets - though much of what we know as saltbush lamb is artificially raised. Ryan Donovan is a passionate farmer whose sheep graze freely on open plains. Once you've tasted his lamb it will be hard to return to buying from the supermarket.

Combine with Ozganics Moroccan Lamb Tagine for about the easiest, ethical, slow cooker meal you could ever throw together. Try a budget version with Lamb & Rosemary sausages if your budget doesn't stretch to Saltbush Lamb shanks.

Fresh Local Figs and Organic Feijoas

Their seasons are short but intense and NOW is the time to enjoy them fresh! We are including samples of both fruits in our Quick Pick Fruit & Veg boxes and MINI boxes. We're a little more generous with them in our Fruit boxes. Fresh figs pair well with honey, lavender and assorted cheeses. Or just eat them unadorned - their subtle sweetness makes them a fruit that is kind to sensitive tummies and their texture is sensual and lush and about the healthiest treat you could ever give yourself (that you can eat).

What's In The Box?

Aside from figs and feijoas, this week we feature BROCCOLI !! We know you've missed it (or been buying it elsewhere). In all Veg and Fruit & Veg boxes this week. Also, organic savoy, drumhead and red cabbage are back in stock. Cucumber, eggplant and beans were grown by Farmer Ashley Palmer of Mt Cotton Organic Fruit & Veg. Later this week we'll have Mizuna and Pak Choi from Farmer Arran Heidemann of Millen Farm. Yellow button squash from Liam Hughes of Lot81 Microfarm in Ferny Grove. Lots of local and/or organic: pineapples, figs, beurre bosc pears, zucchini, feijoas, pak choi - Browse our Green Grocer for more.

Keep The Mould At Bay With Local Products

Pure Bamboo Moso Bamboo Charcoal Deodorisers are a great way to keep the mould away. $1 off all products until sold out. Please ignore the description given to every product - you are not limited to using Boot Deodorisers just in boots. Think equivalent size spaces though - use boot deodorisers in your gym bag, glove compartment, camera case or filing cabinet. Use nappy bucket sachets under your bin liner, in your handbag, slipped in between the pages of your wedding album. Car and Fridge/Freezer deodorisers are better used in larger spaces like your linen closet or shoe cupboard or just prop one behind the door or on the shelf in your WC. Whatever application, there is a biodegradable sachet that's the right size for the job. Put them outside on a dry, sunny day to refresh once a month and they'll last you for years.

Once the mould has taken hold use OurEco Clean Clove and Sweet Orange Spray. The orange oil cleans while the clove oil deters mould - smells great in bathrooms where clove oil alone may be too strong smelling.

New Honey in a New Size!

Our neighbouring honey producer at Three Mile Honey can now supply honey in 500g squeeze bottles as well as one litre jars. The Summer batch was predominantly Ironbark honey. This Autumn batch is predominantly Spotted Gum honey. The colour is darker and the consistency just a little thicker. It is fascinating to observe the seasonal changes in local, ethical raw honey production.

Honey of course means a by product in the form of wax. We can now reliably source 100% pure beeswax bars - filtered to 1 micron - suitable for all applications from cosmetics to candle-making. $3 per 100g is our preliminary price - please tell us what you think and feel free to submit an enquiry.


Jodie & family