Tropical Fruit


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Tropical Fruit

Order a fruit box this week and you'll discover organic watermelon, white peaches and ultra local passionfruit as well as the usual bananas, apples, pears, oranges and medjool dates. Encourage healthy snacking at work - order a fruit box delivery for your colleagues!

We want your home grown produce...

Are you a regular fresh local shopper with a home garden?

If so, we are seeking small volumes of assorted fresh local produce on a regular basis. Given the recent warm weather and regular rain we anticipate at least a few of you may have produce that is surplus to your needs.

Please read our FAQ regarding buying from the local community. If our conditions suit you, we invite you to get in touch.

More new products...

Back in stock - Thomas Chipman lightly salted corn chips to compliment the Ozganics Mild and Medium Salsa.

New stock - Mt Zero kalamata olives. We have so missed our olives....

Discontinuing stock - all Kin Kin and Planet Organic Teas are 2 for 1 this week (excludes cocoa). Some short dates for Kin Kin teas but as they are sealed packages, their freshness is still guaranteed.

Fresh produce report...

Summer is a tricky time for leafy greens and brassicas. We have stunning broccoli with good sizes in stock again, in addition to tropical fruits, cabbage, kale, carrots, butternut pumpkins and the usual staple potatoes and onions. Spinach punnets have limited availability at this time of year and we'll stock them if we can. Sweet potato is temporarily unavailable. Tomatoes are our own homegrown mini-roma while still available. For more fresh produce ideas Browse our Green Grocer.

Cucumber and eggplant from Arran at Powerful Owl Permaculture. Now is the time to rediscover our marvellous local (Samford) hydroponic lettuce grown by the Collins family!

Apples and pears and oranges are now coming from cold storage and while quality is still high, we recommend you keep chilled for best results.

No salmon this month.

Just a reminder that we aren't conducting a salmon club this month. See you all on Feb 24!


Jodie & the fresh local team