Some price increases - moving with the times

A message for our valued customers,


Due to the rising cost of fresh produce and fuel we (like everyone else) are forced to increase our prices accordingly.


We will undertake this in three stages:


1. Due to the overlap with our Rewards Program we will discontinue all redundant discount codes: ie, $8 cashback and MILKIT


This will only impact high volume shoppers and long-standing milk customers.


2. We will raise the price of Quick Pick boxes by $2 (to $35 & $48)


We just need a little more wiggle room as we often over-pack our boxes anyway.


3. We will update out-moded prices and delivery charges within existing subscriptions that we have been honouring to date.


This will only impact shoppers who established subscriptions prior to 2020.


All other pricing policies and delivery charges remain unchanged. We hope that the collective revenue from these small changes will provide the buffer that keeps our business viable.


And of course, we’ll still deliver the same fresh, local and delicious produce in the same way we always have.