Salad Box - Our Most Local Product

Donovan Saltbush Lamb a Success!

Our inaugural Donovan Family Saltbush Lamb group buy was a resounding success. We are already fielding enquiries about the next group buy. The deposit facility is disabled for now but we'll open it again in August anticipating doing it all again in September.

Thank you everyone who posted pictures of your wonderful lamb creations to our FLP Community Facebook Group! It has been a joy! Keep them coming and feel fee to invite others to join the fun. Use this link to find us if you'd like to join.

Blend Smoked Honey

How many ways are there to use smoked honey? Almost any recipe using regular honey can be enhanced by the complexity of smoked honey. Use to make marinades and dressings, glaze a roast, drizzle over your cheese and fruit platter, make a drink/cocktail or chai!! Add to bread & butter pudding, creme caramel, sticky date pudding, cheesecake! What are your ideas for using it?

Bulk Beef in July/August

Next week we are introducing three local beef packs to our inventory - especially created for us by Mount Samson Paddock to Plate.

Family Favourites gives you av5kg of 500g vac-packs of mince and sausages, nothing else - ideal for families with young children.

Slow Cooker Pack gives you av5kg of the best cuts for braising and stewing - ideal for menu planners and batch cookers.

Entertainer Pack gives you av5kg of the best cuts for the barbeque - ideal for lovers of steak and ribs.

We are just confirming prices and dates for late July or early August. Jason Schmidt from Mt Samson Paddock to Plate is involved in every stage the process from breeding and raising the animals to butchering and making sausages. He knows his beef!

Exciting Heirlooms from Woggoon

What's in the box? Goodie goodie goodie we have SO much colour from Woggoon this week!

Stunning heirloom tomatoes will feature in our Salad Box this week. Debbie Needham has also introduced us to a Japanese Wombok that is perfect for making slaw, pickle or ferment. A rainbow of eggplant is available this week and - for lovers of brocolli we have kohlrabi available this week! Enjoy!

Salad Box - Our Most Local Product

Locavores will be pleased to learn that our Salad Box is our lowest foodmile Quick Pick Box with more than half local and organically grown components sourced directly from the grower in a 20 km radius of Samsonvale!

Here's the breakdown:

20km radius - Lot81 Microfarm Braising Mix, radish and sprouts, Blue Dog Farm gourmet salad mix, the Collins Family hydroponic lettuce, Millen Farm Taatsoi and wombok & cherry tomatoes from Woggoon.

Wider Brisbane radius - avocadoes and eschallots from Mt Cotton.

From SEQ - baby spinach, other tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum.

Not bad! If we didn't include organic red onion and carrots it would be exclusively from SEQ. We're chuffed!