Product Focus - Urban Forager Organic Stock Concentrate

We love this product! Believe it or not, Louise Smith and I started our respective businesses around the same time - she started with a Thermomix and business making preserves out of fruit foraged from her neighbourhood in Freemantle, WA - similar to our local brand Ugly Duck Preserves (coming soon - watch this space).

Her recipes evolved until she found her niche in three solid products - organic beef, chicken and vegetable stock concentrate with no fillers or flavours, packaged in recyclable glass, that makes ten litres of delicious, clean, quality liquid stock. Shelf stable, once opened it will keep for six months (always use a clean spoon to avoid cross contamination - really it will last longer).

Most stock cubes and concentrates contain majority fillers and flavour enhancers like rice and corn flour, sugar, yeast extract and MSG and palm oil. Urban Forager Organic Stock Concentrates are made from 100% pure ingredients. They're just plain old natural, healthy vegetables, herbs, meat, spices, cider vinegar, olive oil and salt. Gluten, dairy and sugar free.

Like us, Urban Forager love working with organic farmers to ensure they bring you farm fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Apple cider vinegar is raw and unfiltered from Pemberton WA. Grassfed beef comes from Mumballup WA. Olive oil comes from Gin Gin Qld. Most vegetables come from the Gasgoyne and South West WA. Free range chicken comes from Inglewood Qld. WA lake salt.

218mg sodium per 100g serve. More than 40 serves per jar. We sell it for $18.50.