Packaging - how we embrace the Circular Economy


Since the very beginning we have aimed to minimise packaging and avoid sending coolite boxes, wax cardboard and box cardboard to landfill. If you have boxes and bags from before Christmas, click on the picture and send us a message requesting that we take them away. It helps immensely to state your name, your phone number and pick up address so we don't have to go searching for your details in our database.


The local Buy-Nothing group on Facebook has been a game changer for our ability to redistribute old coolite and cardboard boxes for use in the community. The more cycles of use we get out of every packaging product, the greater the reduction in embodied energy and resources to produce new ones. Which is why we are always willing to collect boxes back.


But please LOOK AFTER THEM! Of course, accidents happen, but if we all endeavour to store boxes away from pets, wildlife and small children (haha!) and anchor them from the wind, we may get ONE MORE USE, maybe more, out of them.