How we are scaling our delivery zones.

Presenting ... our new van!

Yes, delivery charges have gone up. We changed this several weeks before COVID and sent out a newsletter about it (copied to social media) but people are only beginning to notice now. Deliveries to a 15km radius from Samsonvale still cost $8, incorporating Dayboro, Warner and Samford in equal measure. Beyond this, you are charged an additional 0.45c per kilometre, to compensate us for fuel and driver and an empty van on the return run. Apologies to new shoppers outside our zone. If you are getting the message: "Your cart doesn't meet any available shipping rates" please don't despair! Where there are several regular shoppers in an outer zone willing to co-ordinate, we can give you a discount code for deliveries to a hub. Contact us via the link in our banner to discuss.


Yes, prices in some lines have gone up. This also started before COVID but is really only beginning to show us the degree of our underpricing in some lines. We're sorry to our milk customers in particular - we had not analysed our milk prices in 8 years!


The explosion in demand forced us to limit the number of spontaneous orders we can take in a single day. Subscriptions are turning out to be the way to get your fruit and veg and milk on the SAME DAY EVERY WEEK. You also save money. But there are a few factors to consider:

  • LOCATION - we can't get to every single location on any day of the week. To know when we are likely to be in your area, check this link.
  • PRE-ORDERS - these are subscription products like Barambah 10L milk boxes, salmon club, bulk cheeses and co-op meats that run on their own calendars. If you can align your quick pick box to arrive on the same day as your pre-order you save an extra delivery fee. We do our best to make it happen but it may not always be possible.
  • SELF-MANAGEMENT - you can appreciate that the sudden influx of new customers has placed quite a burden on our time to assist people with setting up, changing or otherwise managing their Fresh Local subscriptions. We are here to help! But please do give it a go yourself first. You have complete control of your account. Don't be afraid to explore the SUBSCRIPTIONS link and get familiar with how it all works. To customise your subscription, please contact us via the link in the banner with a list of non-subscription extras for us to add on your behalf. You can remove them yourself at any time.
  • FINALLY - what you DON'T order can help us out too. Eg, if you only want basic fruit and veg with no pre-orders, Tuesday and Wednesday are your optimal days. Thursdays and Fridays are full days, especially at the end of the month for salmon club. So please be kind to us and NOT order on those days if it also works for you. Exceptions for locations with limited delivery days. REMEMBER: set your subscription to trigger THE DAY BEFORE delivery! 8pm is the new cut-off time.

Across the bottom of every webpage there are a series of shortcut links to the website where you can find information and assistance with your order or subscription. Feel free to explore, or use the search function to find the information or product you're looking for.