It's Our Birthday!

It's Our Birthday!

Six years ago we rolled up the green roller door for the very first time.

In that first week a good many of you turned up to say Hi, and wish us luck and many of you became customers, as you still are today. As we enter our seventh year.

Through some highs and lows we've evolved to a stage where finally we get to say we know what we are and our hard work is paying off.

We're getting pretty good at sourcing and delivering some pretty high quality food stuffs from our regional farms and local food culture and people keep coming back. It took a while to get here, but we've arrived.

So thank you Samford - and all you believers! May our 7th year exceed your expectations!

What's In The Box?

Is rhubard a fruit or a vegetable? Whatever it is, you'll get a taste of it in our Fruit Box and F&V box this week! Mandies are back, and custard apples are in! Valencia oranges are out and Navels are in!

Organic cauliflower is in stock at the best possible price we can offer. Sugarloaf cabbage features in our Veg Box and Soup/Roast Box this week.

You can tell it's Winter because our Broth Box is back in vogue! We are designing a few new Quick Pick combinations designed to make shopping with us as simple as possible. Watch this space!

Saltbush Lamb is SOLD!

Thank you to all you shoppers who know your lamb. We are excited to report that in one week we'll have delivery locked in. Stay tuned for an email next Monday locking in a delivery day and time.