Help a Farmer - Saltbush Lamb Preorders Open

Now is the time! Preorder Saltbush Lamb

We have received confirmation that Lambtastic/Donovan Farmers can accommodate our Group Buy after they experienced some logistical challenges when their local processor closed down.

Since we know the kind of financial havoc events like this knock onto farmers, we'd like to make it a BUMPER pallet of saltbush we bring up to Queensland.

We still don't have a confirmed date other than 'in July' so please bear with us as we finalise the details but Systems Are Go!

So please SPREAD THE WORD about this lamb. It must be tasted to be believed.

$165 per half primals - export quality, lean, free range lamb finished on natural saltbush in the Murray Basin.

If you'd like to know more about Donovan Farmers and our Lambtastic Group Buy click the hyperlink and read our blog.

What's in the Box?

We are well into Winter veg now - brassicas and leafy greens, root veg, apples, oranges and pears.

Veg boxes are great value containing organic cauliflower from Lockyer Valley, plus staple carrots, potato and onions, silverbeet or kale, plus a head of broc and some smaller surprises.

Fruit boxes contain custard apple or red paw paw, pommes (green&red apples, pears) and citrus, including mandarins, kiwi fruit and medjool dates.

Fruit and Veg boxes continue to be our biggest seller with the basic staples for simple salads and cooked veg for a family. Mini-F&V boxes are a simplified version yet again.

Thank You

Thank you to all our salmon customers in recent months - the Salmon Club has doubled in size this year and we can now accommodate Thursday deliveries to Samford and surrounding districts. Combine with friends - two salmon sides qualifies for free delivery.

Thank you to all our regulars for standing by us as we run down some inventory and prepare to refresh with some NEW PRODUCTS in the next financial year. We are excited to bring back bamboo toothbrushes, seeds for sprouting and vegetable growing and supporting garden products.

We'd love your advice on what else to stock, especially cleaning products or grocery elements you love or confectionary and other treats we haven't stocked before. Reply to this email with your suggestions!

Jodie & the Fresh Local team