Fresh Salmon - last Friday of the Month

Last Friday of the month is our regular fresh home-delivered salmon co-op. If you like fresh salmon for entertaining, or if you eat it regularly, we can simplify your shopping for you.

Our salmon comes from either Huon or Tassal fish farms - and their farming practices have been winning environmental awards in an industry known for polluting. We aim for you to receive one whole side of salmon with the skin on - average weight is ideally around 1.5kg but there can be wide variation so do let us know if you prefer larger or smaller fillets. At $35/kg plus delivery a large fillet does work out to be great value. Combine with friends and neighbours and take advantage of our free delivery for orders over $100. Or include the deposit in your grocery order. There are numerous ways to optimise our system and make shopping locally more affordable. See our home page for details about our next fresh home-delivered salmon co-op.