Everything you wanted to know about our Aussie Saltbush Lamb group buy!

Old Man Saltbush

Old Man Saltbush is a native shrub considered a 'backbone' or 'pioneer' species that improves soil and shade conditions and makes way for other vegetations to establish and flourish in drought and salinity conditions. It is fast growing and sequesters carbon in a deep root system that has the capacity to draw nutrient minerals from many metres below the soil surface. It's hardiness and protein-rich qualities make it an ideal and sustainable animal fodder in marginal areas.

Click here to learn more about the advantages of Saltbush as sustainable animal fodder.

The Donovan Family

For three generations the Donovans have been farming lamb in Murray Valley country. Their farming practices are improving the local landscape and creating a better farming future in the region. Their flocks are 100% naturally pastured and free range with no feed lots.

Click here to see Paul Mercurio interview the Donovans about their saltbush lamb.

Why Do You Call It 'Genuine' Saltbush Lamb?

It is possible to feed commercially farmed lamb pelletized saltbush supplements that approximate the results of genuine pastured Saltbush Lamb. Genuine Saltbush Lamb is a guaranteed natural, free range and chemical free product.

What Does Saltbush Lamb Taste Like?

The saltbush infuses the lamb with a salty, smoky flavour that requires little seasoning. The animal lives a stress free life with optimal nutrition so meat cooks exceptionally tender and juicy. Saltbush lamb is proven to deliver higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, Beta-carotene and Vitamin A, all due to the depth of the Saltbush roots.

What Are Primal Cuts?

Primal cuts are the larger sections of a lamb carcas which are sometimes cut down further into the retail sized portions you might see at the supermarket. Click here for a diagram and for great suggestions on how each cut is best prepared.

In your pack you will receive eight cryvaced cuts, including two leg shanks, a BBQ rack, a 6 point rib roast, a delicate backstrap and fillet, leg roast (bone in or rolled roast), shoulder roast (bone in or butterflied).

Want More Ideas?

Matt Moran is an expert on cooking lamb. Click here to learn how he prepares saltbush lamb.

What Does It Cost?

Cost falls in the region of $35/kg, weight variable but not less than 6kg. Your one off $165 buys minimum six kilograms of lamb in every pack.

How Do I Buy?

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We will follow with a Google form requesting your boning preferences for shoulder and leg roasts. Here is the form - you can opt to purchase sausages extra at this stage if you wish.

Tell Us By Saturday June 9

By now your lamb has already been selected and is receiving special treatment in anticipation. We collate and send our order to be received by the Donovan family the following Monday. They are dispatched within days and hang for one week prior to butchering and packaging.

We expect to receive your lamb by June 21-22 with deliveries to be complete by Saturday June 24. We will confirm delivery details with you earlier that week for your convenience so please ensure a mobile phone number is in your customer records.

You can pay your balance using a credit card at delivery if preferred.

Our account details for direct deposit payments:

Account Name: Fresh Local Provisions Pty Ltd
Account Number: 146 799 234
BSB: 633-000
Branch: Samford Bendigo Bank

We promise to keep you informed every step of the way.

When Can I Cook?

You'll have until the following weekend to decide what to cook and what to freeze. We hope you love your Saltbush Lamb and please do tell us about your experience shopping with Fresh Local Provisions.


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