Changing your subscription? Set if for THE DAY BEFORE you want it.

We know it's a pain. 

Shopify is Canadian software and for the most part it does EVERYTHING we want it to. It's a global product, but unfortunately the application we plug in to manage your ongoing subscriptions does NOT have the capacity for us to customise timezone. This means that orders trigger at 8PM daily - long after we've finished our day. If you're expecting a subscription box to be delivered today and it hasn't arrived, that might be because it hasn't triggered yet and we don't know about it!

Long story short - we have a work-around. Simply select your delivery date for THE DAY BEFORE you need it. That way it triggers in the evening, giving us plenty of notice for the next day's workload. 

We wish it was a more obvious and intuitive solution - especially for new customers. We try to catch most errors before they trigger but sometimes we just don't know what day you actually planned to receive your goodies.

If in doubt, email us. Or SMS Jodie on 0409165000.

Thanks for your understanding.