31 Degrees Custom Chocolates

Chocolate isn't a hot seller at Fresh Local Provisions, so we tend to keep a low profile at Easter time. However, since we discontinued stocking Green Grove Organics (Junee Chocolate Factory) there has been a tiny gap in our inventory (not to mention a wee hole in our hearts).

Introducing 31 Degrees Custom Chocolates

For those in the know, 31 degrees is the temperature for tempering couverture chocolate - that point at which chocolate becomes crisp and shiny and doesn't stick to your fingers.

Kaitlyn Massingham as created a tiny chocolate-lovers paradise and if you're a chocolate-lover you really need to visit 4 Hubert Street in Wooloongabba and see it for yourself. While all chocolates are made there on the premises (watch them work through the window) she maintains a low allergen environment so everyone, regardless of sensitivity, can enjoy a treat now and then.

While we aren't stocking their magnificent Easter eggs we are trialing a small (but hopefully evolving) range of chocolate bars - and especially for Easter and Mothers Day - small sample boxes of their most popular pralines. 

We'd love you to taste them and support a proud Brisbane small business.