• Changing your subscription? Set if for THE DAY BEFORE you want it.

    We know it's a pain.  Shopify is Canadian software and for the most part it does EVERYTHING we want it to. It's a global product, but unfortunately...
  • NEW: Saturday home delivery

    Thank you Locals, for helping us hit the ground running in 2021! A strong start always bodes well for the year to come a...
  • Packaging - how we embrace the Circular Economy

    Since the very beginning we have aimed to minimise packaging and avoid sending coolite boxes, wax cardboard and box cardboard to landfill. 
  • Seasonal Eating: Spotlight on Summer Squash

      Summer squash season is here, and so we’ve put together some handy ideas on what to look out for, as well as creative ways to use your summer sq...
  • Preorder for RSPCA approved Christmas ham and turkey!

    Orders close Dec 4, 2020, 9am sharp to give us to time take inventory and order. All the same reliable, local and ethical goodies are on offer fo...
  • Did you know Asparagus can make you happy?

    This humble vegie packs a surprisingly powerful punch - it is incredibly versatile to cook with, and boasts an impressive nutrient profile.  
  • Product Focus - Urban Forager Organic Stock Concentrate

    We love this product! Believe it or not, Louise Smith and I started our respective businesses around the same time - she started with a Thermomix a...
  • Memory Pie - a story about love and mulberries

    Our family were on holidays at North Stradbroke Island when I received the call. A woman from Toowoomba had done a Google search for 'mulberries' and the results had lead her to us.
  • Product focus - BahBah Falafel

    BahBah falafel are pre-cooked, hand-made chickpea veggie balls with fresh herbs, suitable for vegans, gluten-free and without any artificial flav...
  • Delivery Zones

    Great value delivery options every day. You pick your preferred delivery date based on the next available delivery slot. Orders over $100 receive ...
  • Covid-19 and our safety procedures

    We are ever-mindful that we are handling your food. To protect you and your family, we'd like to share the precautions we're taking, like all other businesses, to prevent transmission of Covid-19, and by extension, all bacterial and viral infections that can be transmitted via surface and human contact.
  • How we are scaling our delivery zones.

    Apologies to new shoppers outside our zone. If you are getting this message: "Your cart doesn't meet any available shipping rates" please don't despair! Where there are several regular shoppers in an outer zone willing to co-ordinate, we can give you a discount code for deliveries to a hub. Contact us via the link in our banner to discuss.